What Vitamins Should You Take?

What Vitamins Should You Take?

With supplements gaining in popularity, it’s important to understand which supplements you should take. After all, taking too many can be hard on your body and your digestive tract.

And vitamins are no exception. Many vitamins and minerals can build up in your system and reach potentially toxic levels. Given this, it’s important to get vitamins naturally in your diet whenever possible.

But there are some vitamins you should take daily via supplementation to ensure adequate support. Some of these are even more important if your goals include weight loss, muscle gain, or stress reduction.

Let’s take a look at what vitamins you should take on a daily basis…

Vitamins You Should Take Daily

Multivitamins – A good multivitamin should be your starting point. Multivitamins are great because they help ensure that your body is getting the support it needs, even on your off days. Remember, despite the measurements on the label, your body never absorbs 100% of the vitamin’s contents.

I recommend that everyone take a multivitamin on a daily basis, especially if you’re working out. Working out quickly depletes your body of important nutrients and resources. There are some great multivitamins designed specifically for men and women – check out Optimum Opti-Men and Optimum Opti-Women.

If you’re looking for something that will support more intense efforts at the gym, try Universal Animal Pak – it provides fantastic fitness support! NOW ZMA is another great vitamin and mineral combination for improving muscle recovery.

Vitamin C – In addition to its immune-boosting properties, Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants you can get, making it a great anti-aging vitamin. It also helps give your metabolism a boost and speeds up your fat-burning ability, since it’s required for the breakdown of fatty acids.

If you’re looking for a good Vitamin C supplement, take a look at NOW C-1000. There are no limits on this one – whatever isn’t absorbed is safely excreted from your body in urine.

Vitamin B Complex – The B Vitamins are another great option if you’re trying to lose weight. Studies have shown significant improvements in weight loss with Vitamin B supplementation. It’s also your best option if you’re trying to reduce feelings of stress and improve mental functioning.

For a great, stress-fighting Vitamin B Complex, check out Twinlab Stress B-Complex.

Vitamin D – Vitamin D also contributes to immune support and is required for the breakdown of minerals like calcium, making it important for bone health as well. Vitamin D is found in very few foods in limited quantity, with the only other source being the sun. For those living in North America, Vitamin D is an important supplement to take daily year round.

Recent studies have also shown that when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, taking Vitamin D can improve your weight loss results by up to 50%! NOW Vitamin D is a great option for daily Vitamin D support.

Calcium & Magnesium – Calcium and magnesium are key minerals for supporting bone health. This is especially important for the aging population, and in many instances, these minerals should be supplemented daily.

For a great daily supplement, check out these NOW Calcium and Magnesium Softgels.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Although these aren’t vitamins per se, this is a supplement that should absolutely be taken daily to support general health and wellbeing. Omega-3 fatty acids support normal brain functioning, help you fight stress, and give your metabolism a major boost, significantly contributing to weight loss.

For the best omega-3 fatty acid support, try a natural source supplement like these Optimum Fish Oil Softgels or these Optimum Flaxseed Oil Softgels.

Have any questions or feedback about what vitamins you should take? Please leave a comment below…

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