What KETO did to my Type 1 Diabetes!

At the early age of 3, Andrew Berger’s life would change forever. He was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Like most Type 1 Diabetics, he struggled with his T1D – overweight and with uncontrollable blood sugars. His A1C would fluctuate between 7%-10%, most of his early and adult life.
In 2018, Andrew started to see the quality of his life deteriorate. Not only was he at least 50 pounds overweight, he developed his first diabetic complication, retinopathy. He knew a change was needed but no one told him where to begin. He started Weight Watchers for the 5th time, which failed him every try.
One day at the gym, trying to eat less and move more, Andrew stumbled upon Vinnie Tortorich’s podcast “Fitness Confidential.” Within 2 months, he lost 15 pounds and the weight would continue to drop.
As of today, Andrew, 29, now on the Carnivore Diet, primarily eats just red meat and water. He has lost 70 pounds. His A1C went from 7.8% in 2018 to a best ever, 4.9%. He’s down from 60 units of insulin a day to just 9 units. In addition, his eyesight continues to improve on its own and his blood sugars are stable.
Andrew is committed to spreading his message to other Type 1 Diabetics, that they too, can live a normal life.

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