TOFI: Skinny AND Unhealthy?? (Hidden Clues 2020)

TOFI = Thin Outside, Fat Inside. This hidden condition is harming many of your slender friends and loved ones right now, and they have no idea. Outwardly, they can appear slim and healthy, and have a normal BMI. But, inside their belly is a smoldering inflammation that will rob them of health.

Millions (perhaps billions) of people suffer silently from this metabolic disorder, and only key measurements and tests can reveal it. TOFI is a world-wide problem, and there is a solution. This video discusses the things you can do to detect slender obesity, and what you can do to reverse it, before the damage is done.

Electrolyte Drops you Need:
Eat only Real Salt:

Normal BMI Asians with T2DM & NAFLD:
Normal Weight Central Adiposity:
Viseral Fat linked to Metabolic Syndrome:
Genetics determine how you hold fat:
Diabetes in Asians:
Waist:Height Ratio:
DEXA to measure Visceral Adiposity:

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