Secret Sources of Vitamin A (2020 Truth)

Vitamin A is vital for 100’s reactions in the human body, but there seems to be some confusion about which foods actually contain Vitamin A. To be clear, there is NO Vitamin A in sweet potatoes, squash, pumpkin, spinach, or fortified breakfast cereals. You will find this misleading information all over the internet.

So, there must be secret sources of vitamin A, and I will list 5 great ones in this video. Eating one food from my list each day will give you all the Real Vitamin A your body and brain needs for optimal function. Learn for yourself, and share with those you care about.

conversion of b-carotene into Vit A:
beta-carotene conversion:
beta-carotene supplements & cancer:
What blue-green “algae” really is:

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Eat only Real Salt:
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