Wondering which ProForm elliptical is right for you and your home gym? We compare the full range of ProForm ellipticals so that you can buy with confidence.

ProForm Ellipticals Comparison - Which ProForm Trainer is Best for YouProForm Ellipticals Comparison - Which ProForm Trainer is Best for You

ProForm is one of the leading companies when it comes to making cardio machines for home gyms.

They also make some of the most popular elliptical trainers on the market, designed to serve a wide range of users and needs.

But which ProForm elliptical is best for you?

In this guide, we compare the full line of ProForm ellipticals so that you can figure out which trainer is best suited for your specific training goals.

Let’s jump right in!

ProForm Ellipticals – Comparison By Model

ProForm Pro HIIT H14

Best for: Experienced users who love HIIT workouts and want a full, immersive class experience

Price: $1,599

The ProForm Pro HIIT H14 is a stepper + elliptical combo that takes the best of both machines to create a killer workout that is ideal for HIIT sessions.

You get the natural stride pattern of an elliptical machine with the vertical path of a stepper for a 1-2 punch on your fat burning and weight loss goals.

(Plus, stepper + combo machines save a ton of space vs standard elliptical machines.)

It has a ten-inch vertical stride with five inches of horizontal movement, a bombproof 30lb flywheel for maximum smoothness, and a crisp, HD 14” touchscreen that either tracks your console-based workout and program, of iFIT’s huge library of trainer-led classes.

ProForm Pro HIIT H14 Elliptical TrainerProForm Pro HIIT H14 Elliptical Trainer

For the user who loves to hammer out HIIT sessions like they are owed money, they won’t do better than the Pro HIIT H14 as it’s packed with features, a smooth ride, and it’s cheaper than comparable types of ellipticals.

As an example, the best elliptical + stepper combo machine on the market, the Bowflex M9 Trainer, retails for $400 more.

My main complaint is that ProForm doesn’t include a lengthier iFIT membership with the Pro HIIT H14.

You get a 30-day trial, but after that, if you want to use the trainer-led classes, elliptical and strength-training classes requires a $39/month subscription.

Heavy-duty flywheel for smooth stride Only get a 30-day trial of iFIT
Perfect for HIIT workouts  
Beautiful 14” HD touchscreen  
26 levels of resistance  
325lb weight capacity  

ProForm Pro HIIT H14 Elliptical + StepperProForm Pro HIIT H14 Elliptical + Stepper

ProForm Carbon HIIT H10

Best for: HIIT enthusiasts who love online classes and workouts

Price: $1,403

ProForm Carbon HIIT H10ProForm Carbon HIIT H10

The ProForm Carbon HIIT H10 takes the same elliptical/stepper hybrid approach as its big brother, the Pro H14, and tones it down a little bit.

But not much…

The HD screen is four inches smaller (10” vs 14”) and there are two fewer resistance levels (24 vs 26). And the price differs by around $200.

Outside of that, the Carbon HIIT H10 is actually the smarter bet compared to its bigger sibling.

ProForm Carbon HIIT H10 Elliptical Stepper - ConsoleProForm Carbon HIIT H10 Elliptical Stepper - Console

One of the mysteries of this machine is that ProForm includes a three-year membership to iFIT with the HIIT H10 (which works out to be like a $1,200 value), but doesn’t include it with the Pro HIIT H14.  

Which actually makes the Carbon HIIT H10 a significantly better option when it comes to cost.

3 years iFIT membership ($1200 value) included Hard to move around
24 resistance levels  
30lb flywheel  
Space saving design  
10” HD touchscreen  

ProForm Carbon HIIT H10 Elliptical + StepperProForm Carbon HIIT H10 Elliptical + Stepper

ProForm Carbon EL Elliptical Trainer

Best for: People who want a budget-friendly elliptical trainer

Price: $799

ProForm Carbon EL Elliptical TrainerProForm Carbon EL Elliptical Trainer

The Carbon EL is ProForm’s no-frills, entry-level elliptical machine.

At just under $800, it’s also very budget friendly, ideal for those who are just getting started with elliptical training at home and don’t want to spend a metric brick of money to get started.

The EL has 18 different levels of resistance and a smooth, whisper-quiet stride that comes from the 14lb flywheel.

(This is about right for this price point, although there are some similarly priced ellipticals, like the Nautilus E616, that has a heavier flywheel at the same price.)

The incline can be adjusted manually for added difficulty (5 different levels), and the unit can be tilted and moved around fairly easily so that it can be tucked out of the way when not in use.

ProForm Carbon EL Elliptical Trainer - ProForm Elliptical ComparisonProForm Carbon EL Elliptical Trainer - ProForm Elliptical Comparison

The stride length on the Carbon EL is large at 19”, accommodating users of nearly every height. (See also: What’s the Best Elliptical Stride Length?)

While the LCD screen is quite basic, especially compared to the upper-tier ProForm ellipticals like the Carbon E10, you can get the touchscreen, trainer-led experience of the iFIT library with your smartphone or tablet and pairing it to the elliptical.

Another thing to note is that the maximum user rating for the Carbon EL is relatively low at just 275lbs.

For trainees just getting started with elliptical training, or big-boned folks (no judgment—I’m a salty 290lbs!), the Carbon EL may not be sturdy enough.

Budget-friendly pricing Basic console
19” stride length Lighter flywheel
Easy to learn; great for beginners Low max user rating
18 resistance levels  
Manual incline  

ProForm Carbon EL Elliptical | ProFormProForm Carbon EL Elliptical | ProForm

ProForm Carbon E10

Best for: Experienced elliptical users who want a more difficult workout

Price: $1,403

ProForm Carbon EL Elliptical TrainerProForm Carbon EL Elliptical Trainer

The ProForm Carbon E10 takes the base features of the Carbon EL and builds upon it with a larger touchscreen, significantly heavier flywheel, and perhaps most importantly, cranks up the difficulty with a power incline.

Standard ellipticals have a horizontal stride path, but with the incline option on the E10, the path raises up to a 20-degree incline, significantly increasing the difficulty of your workout.

With the Carbon E10 you also get increased workout options, with 24 resistance levels using ProForm’s SMR resistance flywheel.

ProForm Carbon EL Elliptical Trainer - ProForm Elliptical ComparisonProForm Carbon EL Elliptical Trainer - ProForm Elliptical Comparison

The Carbon E10 is also the superior choice for households where multiple people will be using the machine as it features a stride length that is adjustable up to 19” (and adjustable foot pedals), giving each user a comfortable striding experience.

The warranty is nearly identical as the Carbon EL, but you get an extra year of protection when it comes to parts and labor.

Like the Carbon EL, the E10 has a maximum user weight rating of just 275lb, making it a less than ideal option for heavier users just getting started on their weight loss journey.  

More incline options for added difficulty Low max user weight (275lb)
Huge and bright touchscreen  
Adjustable stride length  
3-year iFIT membership included  
Heavy flywheel for smooth ride  

ProForm Carbon E10 Elliptical TrainerProForm Carbon E10 Elliptical Trainer

ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT

Best for: people who want a recumbent bike and an elliptical

Price: $699

ProForm Hybrid Trainer - ProForm Ellipticals ComparisonProForm Hybrid Trainer - ProForm Ellipticals Comparison

One of the main benefits of elliptical trainers is the low-impact aspect of the exercise. The only cardio machine that is even less impactful on joints is the recumbent machine.

Which is what you get with the ProForm Hybrid Elliptical and Bike Trainer, a fully functional elliptical trainer that can be changed into a recumbent bike.

The functionality of the Hybrid Trainer XT is pretty cool, and switching between the two modes is simple.

Loosen the knobs on the center column and the two pedals, tilt them backwards, and tighten the knobs. Same goes with the carriage knob to slide the seat front or back. Takes literally moments.

In terms of training functionality, the Hybrid Trainer XT has a 5” LCD screen and a media tray (training apps can be connected to the console via Bluetooth). 16 digital resistance levels ensure variety in your workout, and there are preprogrammed workouts in the console.

The combo machine, like ProForm’s other ellipticals, can be integrated with iFIT (through a smartphone or tablet that can be paired with the console), and ProForm offers the first month of access to iFIT for free.

The Hybrid Trainer XT has a shorter stride length (15”), so it won’t be ideal for taller users or people will long legs and the machine isn’t really built for heavy-duty use as it weighs just 117lbs.

Perfect for beginner trainees or seniors Limited frame warranty (just 5 years)
Easy to adjust between bike and elliptical Shorter stride length
Combo bike and elliptical machine Not as stable
Large foot pedals for natural stride/bike path  

ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT Elliptical and BikeProForm Hybrid Trainer XT Elliptical and Bike

ProForm Ellipticals – Comparison by Features

Now that we’ve had a chance to take a look at each machine and see where they fit in terms of user needs, here is a more detailed breakdown of the ProForm ellipticals and their respective features.

  Pro HIIT H14 Carbon HIIT H10 Carbon El Carbon E10 Hybrid Trainer XT
Elliptical Type Stepper + elliptical Stepper + elliptical Standard Elliptical Standard Elliptical Elliptical + bike
Price $1,599 $1,403 $799 $1,403 $699
Flywheel 30lbs 30lbs 15lbs 25lb 13lb
Display 14” HD touchscreen 10” HD touchscreen 5” LCD 10” HD touchscreen 5” LCD
Stride Length 10” vertical and 5” horizontal 10” vertical, 5” horizontal 19” 19” power adjustable stride 15”
Incline Yes (manual) Yes (power)
Resistance Levels 26 24 18 24 15
Adjustable pedals  No  No Yes (manual) Yes (manual) No
Dimensions 52” L, 29” W, 66” H 52” L, 29” W, 66” H 68” L, 25” W, 67” H 68” L, 25” W, 67” H 70” D, 24” W, 60” H
Machine Weight 224lb 224lbs 188lbs 224lbs 117lbs
User Max Weight 325lb 325lbs 275lb 275lb 250lb
iFIT Integration 30-day free trial 30-day free trial 30-day free trial 3-years included 30-day free trial
Warranty (frame) 10 years 10 years 10 years 10 years 5 years
Warranty (parts) 2 years 2 years 1 year 2 years 1 year
Warranty (labor) 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
In-home assembly $199 $199 $199 $199 $199

ProForm Ellipticals Comparison – FAQs

Which ProForm elliptical is the best?

There is a different ProForm elliptical for every type of trainee.

People looking for the added challenge of a stepper-elliptical hybrid and doing trainer-led classes with kill it with either the Pro HIIT H14 or the HIIT H10.

Trainees after the “classic” elliptical experience can do it at a budget-friendly price with the Carbon EL, while people who want a digitally immersive experience should spring for the Carbon E10.

And finally, the Hybrid Trainer XT is an excellent choice for low intensity and low impact exercise.

Is a ProForm elliptical good?

ProForm is a reputable brand that has been around the fitness industry for a long time. Even friends of mine who are not in the cardio machine or fitness industry know the brand.

That said, when it comes to whether ProForm’s elliptical are good or not, it’s important to remember that these machines are not commercial-grade. They are designed specifically for home use.

The Bottom Line

If there is a recurring theme with ProForm’s ellipticals, it’s that they are extremely budget-friendly.

Elliptical machines can cost a lot of money, and ProForm strikes a balance between over-building the machines and providing value.

Whether you are looking for the challenge of an elliptical-stepper combo, a classic elliptical trainer, or want the 1-2 low-impact punch of an elliptical-recumbent combo, there is a ProForm elliptical with your name on it.

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