When it comes to meal prep, rotisserie chicken goes a loooong way. Check out these three quick and easy chicken recipes that will take you through lunch and dinnerโ€“plus a little snack or appetizer somewhere in betweenโ€“all using just ONE rotisserie chicken and a few simple ingredients. From creamy chicken salad to 3-Ingredient Apple, Chicken, & Brie Bites to One-Pot Lemon Chicken Pasta, these recipes are filled with flavor and guaranteed to brighten your day.

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0:00 Introduction
1:11 Lemon Chicken Pasta
2:27 Break Down the Chicken
4:03 Apple, Chicken, & Brie Bites
6:38 Finish Lemon Chicken Pasta
8:17 Taste Test
8:43 Chicken Salad
9:23 Taste Test

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Make 3 Quick & Easy Chicken Recipes With Just ONE Rotisserie Chicken | Prep School | EatingWell