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Give Samosa A Twist With This Interesting Samosa Sandwich Recipe

Copied from: Tea is best paired with some delicious snacks alongside. Highlights Samosa is one street side snack which is loved by almost everyone. Here we bring you a samosa recipe with a twist. Try it out! Read the recipe below. Indians and their love...

7 Yummy Desi Street Foods That Can Help Manage Weight

Copied from: Indian street food has some varieties that can help manage your weight! Check out the recipes below. Vrinda Jain Updated: September 08, 2022 15:28 IST Read Time:3 min Highlights Indian street food has a lot of variety to offer Here are some...

Is the fuchka overrated?

From: The Daily Star Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed The humble fuchka has once again etched a place for Bangladeshi cuisine on the world culinary map as it made its way into the list of "50 of the best street foods in Asia" by CNN. The Bangladeshi diaspora living in Europe...

Defecting online: How Myanmar’s soldiers are deserting the army

Myanmar is engulfed by an increasingly deadly civil war, which began when the Tatmadaw - the country's armed forces - seized power last year. Now, helped by an underground network armed with Facebook and Telegram accounts, soldiers are leaving in droves. Agne Lay -...