This Grapefruit Ranch Water recipe is made with replenishing electrolytes and will keep you detoxing while you retox!

Grapefruit Ranch Water Recipe

We can’t wait to show you how to make this healthy Grapefruit Ranch Water, but first, let me share the story behind this low carb drink recipe.

Low Carb Alcoholic Drinks

I’m in my mid-fifties now and haven’t imbibed low carb cocktails or other alcohol for decades because I have the MTHFR mutation.

Refreshing Cocktails

But that hasn’t stopped me from whipping up refreshing drink recipes for you.

Whether it’s this Grapefruit Ranch Water Cocktail or my Margarita Recipe, I’ve got you covered with refreshing drinks that are perfect for the Keto Diet.

kids cookingkids cooking

Pantry Brothers Mixology

And guess who’s helping me out with these healthy cocktail recipes?

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The Pantry Boys are now all grown up, over twenty-one, and able to imbibe legally! They’re a huge help in the kitchen, at the bar too, and incredibly creative when it comes to mixology.

Grapefruit Ranch Water

Pin Recipe


  • Gently stir tequila, sparkling water, and LMNT in a large glass

  • Add ice and a grapefruit wedge

  • Serve

Prep Time 5 minutes

Total Time 5 minutes

Prevent your screen from going dark

What is Ranch Water?

If you’re wondering, what is ranch water, we’re here to help.

Ranch Water is a Texas-style tequila highball drink made with citrus and Topo Chico sparkling water.

Highball Drink

If you’re wondering what are highball drinks they’re alcoholic beverages with a higher proportion of non-alcoholic drink mix, to liquor, so they’re a little easier to get down.

Best Tequila for Ranch Water

Wondering what’s the best tequila for ranch water?

In our recipe we use rosa tequila –the Codijo brand is our favorite, but you can use any type of tequila in this Ranch Water recipe.

Ranch Water with Citrus

Our Grapefruit Ranch Water is a light, bubbly version of a margarita recipe.

While ranch water is a fun summer cocktail, it’s so good we plan on making it all year round.

lmnt electrolyteslmnt electrolytes

Ranch Water Recipe

I had never heard the term “ranch water,” until my boys introduced me to the concept.

This cocktail is inspired by LMNT’s seasonal flavor release! Grapefruit LMNT is the boys’ favorite because it’s so tasty, and goes down smooth.

Grapefruit Cocktail Recipe

Along those lines, right when the Grapefruit LMNT electrolytes arrived, my younger son took one look and declared we had to make cocktails with grapefruit.

Let’s just say, I was all in.

Easy Cocktail Recipes

Sometimes I enjoy making fresh lemon or lime juice for our cocktails and mocktails, but other times I just want to rip open a packet of LMNT electrolytes and hydrate quickly.

That’s another thing I love about this healthy cocktail –you don’t need to squeeze fresh lime juice for it.

Paloma Recipe

He toyed with the idea of a healthy Paloma recipe with fresh lime and grapefruit soda, and other cocktails with tequila.

Finally, after a splash here and mix there, he landed on this mouthwatering grapefruit ranch water recipe.

Topo Chico Ranch Water

We up the flavor game of this refreshing summer drink by using grapefruit electrolytes instead of lime juice. This swap fills the mixology process with extra ease.

You can also use LMNT electrolytes to make lime ranch water, and orange, and raspberry work really well too.

Best Electrolyte Drink

Here’s why our LMNT electrolyte cocktail is fantastic:

  • Time Saver –no juicing citrus
  • Ups Your Flavor Game –approved by Pantry Brothers
  • Excellent Hydration –LMNT salt-based, sugar-free electrolyte

We love this detox-retox ranch water. Using an electrolyte in your cocktail keeps you hydrated and properly detoxing while you’re drinking alcohol.

Homemade Electrolyte PowderHomemade Electrolyte Powder

Homemade Electrolyte Powder

If you’d like to know how to make your own Electrolyte Powder, I have the recipe for you!

Why are Electrolytes Good For You?

If you’re wondering, what are electrolytes good for I’m here to help. According to Paleo pioneer, Robb Wolf, hydrating with electrolytes is common sense. He states:

“Drinking electrolytes along with water replaces what’s lost through sweat, urine, and respiration.”

He goes on to say that the issue with most of the electrolytes available on the market today is quality. The majority, think Gatorade, are filled with sugar and artificial chemicals that we don’t want in our bodies. This inspired Wolf to create LMNT electrolytes.

What Are Electrolytes

According to Wolf, “Electrolytes are charged minerals that conduct electricity to power your nervous system and balance fluids inside and outside your cells.”

Electrolytes are involved in the following functions in your body:

  • Nerve Impulse Firing
  • Healthy Blood Pressure
  • Fluid Balance in Brain
  • Support Hormone Production

And so much more!

Dehydration Headache and Other Symptoms

When I started drinking sugar free electrolytes and improved my sodium levels, I stopped getting migraines or headaches and my sluggish bowel motility improved. I also felt more alert cognitively.

For me, the benefits have been enormous. And the crazy thing is, I didn’t realize I wasn’t hydrating properly until LMNT came along.

Further, hydrating with LMNT eliminates symptoms from the “keto flu,” as this electrolyte includes salt, potassium, and magnesium.

Easy Summer Cocktails and Mocktails

Here are some of my other favorite fun and easy to make cocktails and mocktails. They’re all low-carb recipes, so you can enjoy them if you’re on a Keto Diet.

Mojito MocktailsMojito Mocktails

Virgin Mojito

We are all about the highball recipes. With a higher ratio of hydrating mix to liquor, you can’t go wrong!

I’ve stirred the traditional Cuban highball into a healthy sugar free mojito recipe that’s easy.

Just four fresh ingredients and your choice of rum –find the full recipe and many more in Paleo Cooking from Elana’s Pantry!

On The Rocks Cocktails

Backyard BBQ season and the summer heat can now be celebrated with my easy recipes for cocktails, fueling your body with fresh ingredients and hydrating with LMNT.

This Grapefruit Ranch Water Recipe is an oldie but goodie from the archives. I first shared it in 2021.

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