INSOMNIA (15 Steps to Better SLEEP) Sleep Tips 2020

Proper sleep is vital for optimal health. Insomnia can stall your weight loss, muscle gains and productivity; here are 15 steps you can take for better sleep. These steps are easy, cheap and actually work.

Good sleep improves your metabolism, recovery and mental processes. Use the 15 steps for better sleep in this video to erase insomnia and improve your health.
*** Prescription sleeping pills are NEVER the answer for long-term insomnia or sleeping problems. Just because a pill knocks you out does not mean you are getting healthy sleep ***

Noise Machine:
Blue-Light Blockers:
Box Fan:

Rx Sleeping Pills Increased Death Risk:
Poor Sleep effect on Metabolism & Hormones:
Poor Sleep & Body Fat%:
Poor Sleep & Metabolism:
Poor Sleep & Brain Function:
Sleep & Hormones:
Sleep Loss & Decision-Making:
Sleep Loss & Coping Response:
Sleep Loss & Performance:
Sleep Loss & Childhood Obesity:
Sleep & Heart Disease:
Circadian Sleep/Wake Cycle:
Morning Bright Light/Sun:
Morning Sun:
Morning Bright Light Helps Insomnia:
Television/Video Games & Sleep:
Computer/Television/Phone Screens & Melatonin:
Blue-Blocking Glasses & Melatonin:
Blue-Light & Melatonin: 
Room-Light & Melatonin: 
Caffeine affects Sleep Quality:
Napping during the Day:
Napping During the Day:
Irregular Bedtime: 
Irregular Bedtime: 
Melatonin Supplement:

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