Fruit is BAD?? (7 Serious FRUCTOSE Facts) 2020

Fruit is Bad??? Fructose, whether from the HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) found in soft drinks and junk food, or from eating/drinking lots of fruits or fruit juice has many effects inside your body. This will help you understand those effects so you can make informed decisions about your diet.

Modern fruit is much larger and sweeter than ancient fruits. Modern fruits, along with honey and agave nectar may sound natural and healthy, but you should watch this video before you eat any more because it is important.

***Your body can’t tell the difference between Banana fructose and Pepsi fructose***

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Research Links:
Glycates Hb more than glucose: 
Skin Aging: 
Fruct raises Triglycerides: 
Fruct causes Metabolic problems: 
Fruct raises Trig’s:
Fruct & Insulin Resist:
Fruct & Fatty Liver:
Fruct & NAFLD:
Fruct & Insulin Sensitivity:
Fruct & Appetite:
Fruct & Leptin Resist:
Stop Fruct & Incr Insulin Sensitivity:

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