CURE Dandruff (And keep it Gone FOREVER) Seborrhoeic Dermatitis

How to cure dandruff has been the subject of many articles and commercials. Problem is, they are always trying to sell you something. What if the root cause of dandruff was something that you could never cure by putting something on your scalp and hair? Well guess what, you can never cure dandruff and keep it gone forever by putting products or prescriptions on your hair/scalp.

The cause of dandruff (seborrhoeic dermatitis) is coming from inside your body, and that is where you will heal the damage being done, and cure dandruff permanently. This video will help you understand what is causing your dandruff, and how you can begin to cure your dandruff forever.

Real Salt is good for you:
Get your Electrolytes:
Get your Iodine:

MetSyn & skin conditions:
MetSyn & skin conditions:
Malassezia Glob is Not the problem:
SeboDerm more common in Diabetics:
probiotics might help: 

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