Workout Tips: Shorter & Better Training

Workout Tips: Shorter & Better Training If youre like me, youre probably always on the lookout for shorter and better workouts. And the truth is, you can have both! Let me tell you how Every workout needs improvement in intensity. What I mean by this is that every workout can always be that much stronger … Read more

Body By Vi Weight Loss

Body By Vi Weight Loss Body by Vi is THE hot topic in the world of fitness and weight loss. If youve spent any time online then youve likely already heard about this new weight loss system. But whats the real deal with Body by Vi? Should you give it a try, or should you … Read more


Astragalus When youre trying to lose weight and stay healthy, you need all the tools you can find at your disposal. If you follow my blog on a regular basis, then you know Im a big supporter of a natural, whole foods diet. This is why Im also such a big fan of super foods … Read more

Sodium and Weight Loss

Sodium and Weight Loss If youve tried out any diets lately, then youve probably heard how bad sodium can be for weight loss. And these diets arent wrong. Daily sodium intake plays a very significant role in body weight, particularly when it comes to water retention. This article looks at the relationship between sodium and … Read more

Pool Ready Abs

Pool Ready Abs Whether it’s summer or you’re traveling to some tropical paradise, pool ready abs is going to be top of your mind. That also means its time to get your fitness routine back in gear! And what better than an ab workout to get you looking toned and ripped in that bathing suit? … Read more

Keto Flu?

Keto Flu

On This Page How Can I Avoid (or Get Over) the Keto Flu? Chocolate & Peanut Butter Keto Bites Will Too Much Protein Throw Me Off Ketosis? I Heard That on a Ketosis Diet You Eat More Fat. Isn’t That Unhealthy? Does Ketosis Cause Hypothyroidism? 11. Keto May Lead to High Cholesterol and an Increased … Read more

Keto Meal Plan

Keto Meal Plan

On This Page To Access your FREE Keto Meal Plan A Week of the Keto Diet: 7-Day Keto Meal Plan Sample Keto Diet 7-Day Meal Plan 40 Ketogenic Dinner Recipes You Can Make in 30 Minutes or Less Your Ultimate Keto Diet Grocery List Ketosis Turns on the Anti-Aging Genes Ketogenic Diet Plan Overview Dr. … Read more

Ketogenic Diet Foods To Eat

Ketogenic Diet Foods To Eat

On This Page The Best Ketogenic Diet Foods To Eat What You Can and Can’t Eat on a Ketogenic Diet FREE Keto Diet Plan Shopping List for Our 2-Week Ketogenic Diet Plan Standard Keto Diet Plan Vegetarian Keto Diet Plan Dairy-Free Keto Diet Plan Standard keto diet plan shopping list Dairy-free keto diet plan shopping … Read more

Surviving the carb count in 2020

Surviving the carb count in 2020

How To Survive The Carb Count In 2020 Surviving the carb count in 2020 is one of the key requirements that a person must abide by. The biggest drawback to eating a good healthy diet is the lack of knowledge on how to keep it for longer. A large number of people eat a poor … Read more

What are protein bars

what are protein bars

What is a Protein Bar? There is a lot of confusion about what are protein bars. Protein bars are not protein shakes and protein bars are not shakes. There are two separate but similar things, the protein bars are a type of protein shake that has all the important amino acids but they also have … Read more